Apostolic Kingdom Coordinates is a Biblical Life Development programme for believers and followers of Christ.  This programme is relevant to all kinds of people from all walks of life, and focuses on shifting the individual spiritually from a being a ‘commoner’ to ‘royalty’.   Believers are not called to be just ordinary Christians but rather to enter into the abundant life promised by God. Many ‘church going’ believers are born-again with some even filled with the Holy Spirit, but are still unable to overcome the adversities of life.  The promise to eat from the Tree of Life is given to those who “overcome” (Rev.2:7).  Therefore, believers must shift from the Alpha to the Omega, from the Beginning to the Finish and from being a Citizen of Heaven to a Royal Priest.  This programme has the capacity and tools to shift the individual from a condition of defeat to dominion, from poverty to prosperity and from depression to inner peace and strength.

Apostolic Kingdom Coordinates is ‘troubleshooting’ material that helps the believer to identify his or her current location and how to shift from the beginning of the journey; the born-again experience, to the position of becoming a king and priest in the Kingdom of God.  This includes every move, every reformation and every milestone for every believer in the Kingdom. It also helps pastors and leaders to identify the location of the local church and how to shift the church into a more accurate position.  Finally, Apostolic Kingdom Coordinates also deals with the Body of Christ in its global capacity and how all gifts, movements and methods have, ultimately, been gathered into Christ who is the sum-total of all things. This training resource is of great assistance with the planting of new churches, especially those who are embarking on building and operating house churches.

This program is not only relevant for families and churches but also a valuable resource to transition communities and has the relevant tools to assist governments in the building of good moral values or for any moral regeneration pursuits.

The ultimate goal of Apostolic Kingdom Coordinates is to establish communities in South Africa and nations abroad in a certain moral code that will improve the quality of life and wealth of nations.  Our communities are in desperate need of leadership that is authentic and which demonstrates a good moral order.  Corruption, domestic violence and substance abuse all stem from ‘faulty’ leadership.  Accurate leadership begins within the family. Because of inaccurate leadership many children grow up with an ‘orphan spirit’ and eventually become victims of drugs, alcohol, violence and crime. If every family overcomes their own vices, their collective efforts will manifest in the city triumphing over crime, corruption and poverty and all other societal ills.

Apostolic Kingdom Coordinates is designed by Gerda Strydom, and is part of Accurate Building Concepts (ABC), a School of Reformation headed by Dr S Y Govender – South Africa. The training resources are used by many churches and communities locally and globally in over 40 nations.

We call on those who have a sincere desire to be equipped to become mature leaders and accurate representatives of Christ to the nations of the world.