A Phoenix resident was served with a fine of R5000 for illegal dumping on Wednesday.

Two males were caught red-handed for dumping trash at a stream in Greenbury Drive, Phoenix.  This after a major clean-up project at the Greenheights stream, by civilians and the municipality, a week prior to the dumping.

An eye-witness drove pass the site when the perpetrators were busy disposing their trash from their vehicle onto the verge next to the Greenheights stream.   When they saw that they had been noticed, they immediately removed their vehicle’s number-plate.  The matter was escalated to Metro for investigation.  Law enforcement officers from Parks, Leisure & Cemeteries confronted the perpetrator, who admitted dumping the trash at the stream.  A fine of R5000 was issued.

This comes as a stern warning to residents and visitors to Phoenix, as well as the greater Durban metropolitan, that littering and dumping of trash is a criminal offence.  Law enforcement officers, officials and members of the community are on the lookout for those who are constantly dumping trash.


“We will do everything in our power to ensure that offenders are punished”, said Metro Colonel Marcus Moodly.  “We urge members of the community to report illegal dumping so that we can work together towards a safe and clean city”.

Residents can report illegal dumping to the following departments:

Metro:  031 361 0000; Parks, Leisure & Cemeteries:  031 322 1530; Cleansing & Solid Waste: 031 311 8804/36

Report by Zoé Pillay