JOHANNESBURG – Activists gathered in protest against bank’s alleged involvement in the East Africa Oil Pipeline project.

One of South Africa’s major banks were called to give account on their alleged involvement with the controversial East Africa Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project on Monday.    Environmental groups and social justice members raised their banners and voices in protest outside the offices of Standard Bank in Cape Town and Johannesburg, in protest against financing projects like the EACOP.

In Rosebank, Johannesburg, protestors blocked the entrance to the head offices of Standard Bank, while the bank held its Annual General Meeting, demanding that the bank withdraw its support the EACOP as they believe it poses threats to the well-being and livelihoods of the environment and local communities.

Leading the pack were Human rights activist, Kumi Naidoo, and Extinction Rebellion climate activist, Malik Dasoo, who were forcibly removed from the bank’s premises while protesting.

Standard Bank has denied investing in the EACOP project and says as Potential lenders they are considering all options in the matter.  Despite being criticised by activists for its involvement in the project, Standard Bank is still committed to financing oil and gas projects in the short and medium term to support economic development across the African continent.

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